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As an end-to-end payment solutions provider, Altegra Health is focused on the overall value and efficiency of our analytics and solutions for our partners. Below you may find various resources that provide detailed information regarding our comprehensive suite of solutions, all gathered in one place.

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Altegra Health Overview

Altegra Health® is a national provider of technology-enabled, end-to-end payment solutions that improve healthcare organization performance by aligning individual health status, member benefits, and accurate reimbursement.

Risk Adjustment & Audit

Altegra Health’s Risk Adjustment solutions combine technology with ongoing analysis and expertise to optimize risk adjustment and encounter reporting through several proprietary services.
8 Ways to Be Sure You Select the Best ACA-RADV IVA Auditor

Quality Performance

Altegra Health’s Quality Performance solutions provide continuous member engagement and quality measurement tools to ensure appropriate and satisfactory levels of care.

Program Assistance

Altegra Health's Program Assistance solutions provide continuous monitoring of members' social program eligibility and enrollment status to ensure they receive appropriate access to benefits.
Altegra Health’s COMMUNITY Link™ program provides healthcare consumers with social advocacy regarding public and private benefits for which they may qualify

Reimbursement & Advisory Services

Altegra Health’s Reimbursement & Advisory Services Division provides healthcare provider, payer and managed care organizations with a diverse range of consulting and support services.
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