Altegra Health Announces Partnership with HealthFusion MediTouch® EHR

MIAMI LAKES, Fla. – (BUSINESS WIRE) April 17, 2015 – Altegra Health, Inc., and HealthFusion, Inc. announced today a partnership to help providers optimize workflow and improve documentation for patients in Medicare Advantage (MA) programs through MediTouch, HealthFusion’s award winning Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution. MediTouch offers a set of unique tools that assist with the management of quality and reimbursement for Medicare Advantage patients, including a novel HCC Risk Adjustment Assessment coding assist interface. Altegra Health is a national provider of technology and intervention platforms that combine data aggregation and analytics with unique member engagement and reporting capabilities to achieve insight and improved management of value-based healthcare payments. HealthFusion provides fully integrated solutions including MediTouch EHR (Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal) and MediTouch PM (Practice Management and Claims Clearinghouse). The company launched its new Medicare Advantage tools with the goal of helping providers ensure they are meeting CMS quality and coding requirements. “As part of our overall strategy to improve outcomes and coding at the point of care, this new tool will enhance Altegra Health’s product offerings to health plans by identifying data capture improvement opportunities. This will directly help payers and providers across the country receive the reimbursement they deserve,” said Jared Sokolsky, chief strategy officer of Altegra Health. “By more accurately assessing and documenting a patient’s risk and closing care gaps, physicians and health plans can ensure their reimbursement reflects the true level of care required for the patient. “Physicians and health plans have historically had significant challenges with regard to appropriately coding risk factors for Medicare Advantage patients,” said Dr. Sol Lizerbram, chairman of HealthFusion. “Coding correctly for MA patients optimizes payment but it’s time consuming and very challenging to learn and understand all the coding requirements. MediTouch provides the real-time feedback providers need in order to code accurately, including comparing relative values of different ICD codes and calculating a HCC risk score.” MediTouch is an EHR conceived by physicians for physicians and designed for practices of all sizes. It offers features including Chronic Care Management tracking and coding and Clinical Quality Measure point of care reminders. MediTouch EHR was recently ranked as a Top Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Clinical Quality and Support in the Medical Economics’ National Provider Survey. Of those Top EHRs, MediTouch is unique because it is the only one to offer full functionality on the Apple iPad. The Medical Economics National Provider Survey is a critical EHR ranking study because it asked thousands of physicians to rate their systems, on a scale of 0 to 10, in the key areas that matter most to them. For more information on this new offering, health plans should contact Altegra Health at altegrahealth.com/about-us/contact/. About HealthFusion Founded in 1998, HealthFusion develops web-based, cloud computing software for physicians, hospitals and medical billing services. HealthFusion’s fully integrated solution includes MediTouch EHR (Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal) and MediTouch PM (Practice Management and Claims Clearinghouse). MediTouch EHR was designed for use on mobile tablets such as the iPad, and offers a unique array of features that facilitate adoption of EHR technology. Features include a mobile Pure Cloud platform, cross-compatibility with traditional desktop and laptop devices, and an affordable subscription payment model. MediTouch EHR is Meaningful Use 2014 Certified, and thousands of users throughout the country place their trust in HealthFusion and MediTouch every day. Healthcare is complicated; HealthFusion makes it easy. To learn more, visit HealthFusion.com or follow HealthFusion on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. About Altegra Health Altegra Health is a national provider of technology-enabled, next generation payment solutions that enable health plans and other risk-bearing healthcare providers to generate, analyze and submit the data needed to successfully manage member care and ensure appropriate reimbursement. The power of Altegra Health’s advanced analytics and supporting intervention platforms enables healthcare organizations to elevate care quality, optimize financial performance, and enhance the member experience. For more information, visit AltegraHealth.com.

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